Years ago I read an Ann Lovejoy article which claimed that a plant was not in the right place until it had been moved four times.  I expect that this was somewhat tongue-in-cheek, but I have found it quite accurate when it comes to working in my own garden.  I move stuff all the time, and spend far too much time rearranging when I should be expanding beds and getting newly acquired plants into the ground FOR THE FIRST TIME.  Sometimes, however, I am being driven slowly crazy by a plant arrangement, and even though I should be doing something else (weeding, planting, weeding, potting, weeding, watering, weeding, mulching), I can’t help myself.  Must..move..those..plants.  To wit, here is a hosta bed that I laid out in maybe February or March (not that it has mattered much this year).  At that point the hostas were just little herbaceous horns emerging from the soil, with scant indication of either color or ultimate leaf size.  My labeling ranges from bad to non-existent, so I winged it, and put three into a nice triangle (aka “drift”, although any “drift” of three will form a triangle: cf 8th grade geometry class).  And I failed.  I ended up with a teeny hosta towards the back, and a bigger hosta towards the front.  Every time I walked past this little arrangement it set my teeth on edge.  So, I finally stopped walking past it, and walked directly at it instead.

Here is the jaw-clenching “before” version:

Big plant behind, good; teeny plant behind, bad

After some During,

I got to After.

Aaaaah, so much better.  I feel so much more relaxed now.  Don’t you?

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