I Wasn’t Joking

O.K., so a couple of posts ago I complained about the huge amount of plastic, mostly in the form of black plastic pots, that is in my garden.  To address this problem I decided to collect it all, at least all the plastic which wasn’t really being used.  This is what I accumulated in the course of a day from around the garden.

It was a lot of plastic.  The pots in the foreground were filled with weeds which I had not yet dumped, but a lot were just empty pots that were laying around.  I had used their contents, and then stacked them in corners all over the garden, since they really didn’t have a home.  They have one now; I spread a tarp and they all live there.  But, there is more.

Here are all my bags of used coffee grounds from Starbucks.  All of the grounds come encased in plastic.  The silver bags were originally used for beans and so are on their second use.  The larger clear plastic bags are on their first use.  They are the garbage can liners that Starbucks uses.  I am trying to find a second use for them.  So I have stacks of them folded on my potting bench  Does anybody need any garbage can liners that smell pungently of coffee?

And more.These are recycling bins and tubs filled with mass plants that need to be divided and potted up for the sale.  The Helianthemum plants in the two recycle bins have been there since May.  Actually they have been blooming, a lovely, tiny pink flower that looks like a minute rose, most of that time, so I am assuming that they are pretty happy.  Or desperately hanging on and struggling to reproduce before they die.  I am hoping it is the former.

Here are plastic pots being used to cover mole traps so that no non-moles get a hand , or a paw, taken off.   Moles make a big mess.  Mole trapping makes a bigger one.

The vignette depicted above is repeated throughout the garden.  There is a big tub for weeds and prunings (actually, I hardly ever prune, but I am rich in weeds).  There are a lot of smaller tubs of home-made wood chips and manure to amend the soil as I plant new plants (this is now frowned on by the titans of gardening, but I do it anyway, and it works fine).  There is coffee in bags and hemlock bark dust in pots to top dress after I have planted something and then there is an outdoor extension cord (conveniently also covered in plastic) in a matching tub, just for color I guess.

Finally there are hundreds of these absolutely everywhere.  Despite the contents of the recycle bins depicted above, I do pot up lots of plants all the time so the inventory is always growing.  And I keep acquiring new plants myself, or am given them.  The black plastic one gallon pot is a major feature of my garden.

Here is the problem.  In order to open the garden next year all of these pots have to be addressed somehow, which means GONE.  There is simply no credible way to have any of these items laying around during an open garden.  My plants need to be planted, the sale plants need to be sold, the tubbed plants need to be potted and then sold.  The empties need to be kept firmly corralled on their tarp, which needs to have something leafy and disguising planted in front of it so that they can’t be seen.  The mulch needs to be spread, the coffee grounds distributed, the chips dug in.  The electrical cord needs to be put AWAY.

What I am thinking is that if I actually do all of that in the next ten months I might have a pretty good looking garden.  This is a really exciting possibility.  The clutter will be gone, the plants will be in the ground (and so much happier), everything will be neatly mulched, and the library will be richer.  Maybe I don’t really have to formulate a plan beyond this.  Work my way through the pots: get the garden finished.  At the very least, it’s a start.

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